Name Job Title - Research Interest Email Location
Anan, Tetsu Assistant Scientist – DKIST. Areas of Interest: heating and dynamics in solar chromosphere; high-energy non-thermal particles; instrumentation for integral-field-unit spectro-polarimetry. tanan Maui, HI
Beck, Christian Scientist – DKIST. Areas of interest: post-focus instrumentation; data reduction pipelines; high-resolution spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry of the photosphere and chromosphere; development of inversion tools for chromospheric spectral lines; polarimetric calibration techniques. cbeck Maui, HI
da Silva Santos, Joao Postdoc – expertise: spectropolarimetric inversions, data mining and post-processing, heating and dynamics of the chromosphere, ALMA observations and modeling, DKIST support astronomer jdasilvasantos Boulder, CO
Fischer, Catherine Assistant Scientist – Support functions for DKIST science operations; plasma diagnostics in the photosphere and chromosphere; spectroscopy, spectropolarimetry, and imaging cfischer Boulder, CO
French, Ryan Postdoc – Brinson Prize Fellow. Solar flares; Magnetic Reconnection; Turbulence & Instabilities; Coronal Spectropolarimetry; UV/EUV Spectroscopy & Imaging; X-rays; Public Outreach. rfrench Boulder, CO
Giampapa, Mark Astronomer Emeritus – Solar and stellar activity, including the Sun as a star; influence of heterogeneity in solar/stellar atmospheres on the interpretation of exoplanet transmission spectra as well as impacts on exoplanet detection; and, characterization and modeling of infrared sensors. mgiampapa Tucson, AZ
Gosain, Sanjay Observatory Scientist – Area of expertise: Astronomical instrumentation: optical design of instruments for polarimetry and spectroscopy; Solar Research: study of flares, eruptive filaments and coronal mass ejections; chromospheric magnetic field of solar active regions; solar cycle evolution of magnetic field. sgosain Boulder, CO
Harvey, John (Jack) Astronomer Emeritus – Retired in 2018 after 49 years of work at NSO and its predecessors; continuing work on solar instrumentation and magnetic field and helioseismic observational research; curating observations made with instruments conceived and built by NSO in Tucson; also a Visiting Research Scholar in the Lunar & Planetary Lab of the University of Arizona; most recent instrumentation work has been on a team that designed a small spacecraft to measure the magnetic and velocity fields of the Sun’s polar regions; most recent research work concerns the observational source of systemic underestimates of photospheric magnetic field strengths. jharvey Tucson, AZ
Jaeggli, Sarah Associate Astronomer – DL-NIRSP Instrument Scientist. Expertise in 3D structure of sunspot magnetic fields; atomic and molecular physics of the photosphere and chromosphere; radiative transfer modeling and spectral synthesis; instrumentation for spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry, including DKIST facility instrument development; engaging the community to perform multi‐facility observations. sjaeggli Maui, HI
Jain, Kiran Scientist – Farside Project Lead Scientist. Helioseismology – global and local; farside acoustic imaging of the Sun; multi-wavelength helio-seismology; acoustic oscillation mode characteristics; time-series analysis; solar variability; solar interior structure and dynamics; subsurface flows; active regions; Sun-Earth connection; space weather. kjain Boulder, CO
Kazachenko, Maria Assistant Professor at CU Boulder, LASP and NSO – My research interests range from the storage of magnetic energy in solar active regions, to the release of that energy in solar flares with an emphasis of comparison and integration of observations with simulations Maria.kazachenko Boulder, CO
Kuridze, David Assistant Astronomer – Plasma diagnostics in the solar atmosphere; high-resolution spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry; Chromospheric and coronal magnetic field measurements; chromospheric fine-structures and flares. dkuridze Boulder, CO
Leibacher, John Astronomer Emeritus – Helioseismology, Asteroseismology, Stellar Atmospheric Dynamics. Helioseismic data analysis; Search for gravity waves. Former Director NSO and Director of the GONG program, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Solar Physics. jleibacher Tucson, AZ
Martinez Pillet, Valentin NSO Director – Solar activity; Sun-heliosphere connectivity; magnetic field measurements; spectroscopy; polarimetry; astronomical instrumentation with an emphasis on spectropolarimetry. vmpillet Boulder, CO
Paraschiv, Alin Postdoc – DKIST. Expertise in coronal diagnostics and physical parameter inversions. Enthusiastic about coronal magnetic fields. Additionally interested in magnetic fields across the solar atmosphere, small-scale eruptions, helioseismology, solar cycle, and space weather research. Passionate about outreach and eclipses! arparaschiv Boulder, CO
Pevtsov, Alexei Associate Director – NISP. Personal page apevtsov Boulder, CO
Schad, Thomas Associate Astronomer – DKIST Scientist. Spectropolarimetric diagnostics of the solar chromosphere and corona; studies of coronal plasma heating and dynamics; precision spectropolarimetric instrumentation; infrared instrumentation; DKIST operations; student engagement and community outreach. tschad Maui, HI
Tarr, Lucas Assistant Astronomer – Observational, theoretical, and numerical investigations of the low solar atmosphere; active region evolution; development of 3D MHD data driven simulations; MHD wave propagation; DKIST operations; student mentorship; public outreach. ltarr Maui, HI
Tripathy, Sushanta Scientist – NISP Interior Program Lead Scientist. Areas of interest: magnetoseismology of active regions; global and local helioseismology; solar activity cycle; ring-diagram analysis, subsurface flows, cross-spectral analysis of oscillation time series. stripathy Boulder, CO
Tritschler, Alexandra Senior Scientist – DKIST Program Scientist for Operations (Science Operations) Included other Roles: Lead Scientist for the DKIST Observatory Control System and Target Acquisition System, Lead Scientist for all Operations Tools like e.g. the Proposal Preparation and Submission Tool (Proposal Architect). Area of interests and expertise: Flows and magnetic fields of the fine structure in, above and around sunspots and pores. Spectroscopic and spectropolarimetric techniques, image reconstruction techniques, spectral synthesis from realistic 3D radiative MHD simulations, operations of observatories. ali Boulder, CO
Wöger, Friedrich Senior Scientist – DKIST Program Scientist for Instrumentation. Principal Investigator for the DKIST Visible Broadband Imager. Lead Scientist for several DKIST subsystems such as Wavefront Correction, Data Handling System, etc. Imaging broadband, spectroscopic and spectro-polarimetric instrumentation, adaptive optics, image reconstruction. Studies of the flow dynamics of the solar photosphere and chromosphere, connectivity of solar atmospheric regions. fwoeger Boulder, CO